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Our history is integral to who we are, yet ours is not a happy story. Thus, as many of the authors in this issue point out, it is unappealing to those whose focal point of Jewish identity, as revealed by the Pew Report, is a sense of humor. Within the pages of this issue of HaYidion are many suggestions for addressing this problem. Technology, creativity and an acknowledgement and awareness of the changing nature of the study of history provide the means by which we can make the teaching of Jewish history vibrant and meaningful...[more]

HaYidion Archive Featured

Jul 1, 2010 | Author: Jon A. Levisohn | Location:  | Category: 1002
The title of this article—should Jewish schools aspire to create educated Jews?—is obviously intended to be provocative. In one sense, the answer to the question is surely yes. When we set up systems and institutions for educating people, our goal is to educate those people. Jewish day schools...[More]
Jul 1, 2011 | Author: Tova Shimon | Location:  | Category: 1102

At the core of our Jewish tradition is the metaphor that we all stood at Sinai and received the Torah through our various senses and according to our abilities. This tenet is mirrored in the progressive educational slogans “learning for all,” “no child left behind,” and in the concept of...[More]

Sep 12, 2011 | Author: Jan Katzew | Location:  | Category: 1103
Why do we do things that we know are wrong? This question has plagued every ben Adam and bat Sarah, i.e., every human being, since our creation. “G-d now said, Let us make human beings in our image, after our likeness; and let them hold sway over the fish of the sea and the birds of the sky, over...[More]

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Marc Leventhal
RAVSAK has  been instrumental in raising the profile, awareness and academic level of Talmud study at our school.”
Marc Leventhal, Judaic Teacher/Moot Beit Din Advisor
TheWeber School


Jewish high school students from twenty Jewish high schools in the RAVSAK network convened in Kansas City, Missouri to compete in the 2014/5774 RAVSAK Moot Beit Din, a program that applies Jewish law to address a contemporary...[More]
A front page article in the Kansas City Jewish Chronicle on RAVSAK's Moot Beit Din program and Hyman Brand Hebrew Academy's role as host school.[More]
RAVSAK Board Member Dr. N. Shira Brown writes an article in eJewishPhilanthropy on the challenges faced by small Jewish day schools and the benefits of a new online RESHET for small school leaders.[More]
Dr. Marc N. Kramer writes an OpEd in MyJewishLearning.com on special needs inclusivity and the day school field. Learn how day schools are adapting and changing to be more inclusive.[More]


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