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Latest Issue: Size Matters

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This issue of HaYidion will make the case that Jewish community day schools of all sizes have similar impact. They also have challenges, some in proportion to their size, others common to all. Unique to this issue is the inclusion of articles about schools outside of North America. One is a school enrolling more students than there are Jews in the country, and another that enrolls 80% of all Jewish children...[more]

HaYidion Archive Featured

Mar 9, 2012 | Author:  | Location:  | Category: 1201
Recently I had the privilege of attending a celebration in honor of Dr. Barbara Davis, a member of the RAVSAK Board and the editor of this publication, in appreciation of her 25 years as head of the Syracuse Hebrew Day School. Given the topic of this issue of HaYidion, it seems most fitting to...[More]
Mar 1, 2013 | Author: Elliott Rabin | Location:  | Category: 1301

The author encourages schools to refine students’ lenses for reading tefillah as poetry. Just as a person can turn to poetry for meaning and inspiration at different levels throughout their lives, so too with tefillah.

Dec 12, 2011 | Author: Bradley Solmsen and Rachel Happel | Location:  | Category: 1104
Artistic exploration and Jewish exploration can and should be one and the same. Here's how.[More]

Our Client is the Jewish Future

Marc Leventhal
RAVSAK has  been instrumental in raising the profile, awareness and academic level of Talmud study at our school.”
Marc Leventhal, Judaic Teacher/Moot Beit Din Advisor
TheWeber School


Dr. Marc Kramer and fellow leaders have been awarded an alumni collaboration grant from The Wexner Foundation to research the learning needs of special needs students in North American Jewish day schools.[More]
Articles and resources for helping students understand and contextualize the recent Israeli conflict.[More]
RAVSAK Executive Director Dr. Marc N. Kramer is quoted in this piece from the Baltimore Jewish Times on the varied responses by Jewish day schools to the Common Core standards.[More]
Students from seventeen Jewish day schools across North America used their creativity, knowledge of Hebrew and passion for Judaism to create original works of poetry for RAVSAK’s annual Hebrew Poetry Contest.[More]


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